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"Movie Omania", workshop on Total Film Making, 25,26,27 Nov 2010

International Film Fraternity of Oman(IFFO) conducting workshop on total film making (25,26 and 27 of November) “Movie Omania”. Venue :MPH, English Language Centre, Higher College of Technology, Al Kuwair. Please register your names to and there are limited admissions. For further information details please mail to

Dr. Rajah Balakrishnan will conduct total digital film making session (from 25th , 26th & 27th Nov, 2010. )

Digital Film Making

An opportunity for aspiring filmmakers and owners of video cameras to come face-to-face with the latest in digital filmmaking.

W H O S H O U L D A T T E N D?

Those possessing a video camera or planning to buy one, filmmakers who wish to improve their skills by understanding the nuances and intricacies of digital video, Camera operators, Editors, Directors who wish to take their career to the next level. Others interested in the new wave of digital technology. Students of Mass Communication, Media or Journalism. Anyone interested in learning from a veteran Dr.Rajah Balakrishna, who is considered an all-time best at digital technology.


Various aesthetic decisions a filmmaker must make and how they are affected by film vs. digital media production. The recent trend of digital film mastering and how it has made editing & effects easy in post-production.

Find answers to these questions: Does digital really reduce cost? Is image quality ever the same as on film? What are all the advantages to digital? How to manage the often-difficult issue of quality of output? What is HD & is it as good as 35mm. How to shoot on video for celluloid.

W H A T W I L L B E S H O W N?

The topics in this workshop will be explained with visual examples (films & animations. Explain a variety of DV & HD cameras. Final Cut Pro software will be used for editing. Part of titling Adobe Photoshop.

W H A T D O Y O U G E T A F T E R T H E W O R K S H O P?
A working knowledge of filmmaking,

H O W D O Y O U P A R T I C I P A T E ?

You can participate by registering your name at .
There will be a course fee for the sessions.
Or contact Sudha Sha 92275612

The film craft

What are TVC, Shorts, and Feature & Documentary?

What is a Story / Script / Screenplay /Storyboard?
Budgeting and scheduling
The Language & Tools
Of Film Direction
Broadcast television Standards

Aspect Ratios

Costing comparison of formats

Digital Cinema
35mm v. HD

Video to film transfer

What do you need to start your dream?

What should a director know?

What the Camera can do?

Types of Digital Cameras

How does a digital camera work?The camera lens
Focusing, Exposure

Depth of field, Shutter speed

Colour Balancing cameraSupporting the camera Why do we need techniques?Shooting Style, Screen SizeDifferent Shots & angle
Effective picture making
Composition principles
Dynamic composition

Production - Lighting

Single – camera techniques

Multi - camera treatmentPre- studio rehearsal

Guiding performersSound elementsThe aims of lighting
Why is light necessary?

The technique of lightingThe nature of lightLight fittingsLighting controlsBasic lighting approachSetting lampsTV lighting problems

Lighting on locations


Shooting video for celluloid

Electronic - Editing

The nature of editing

On-line editing

Off-line editing

What is a time code

Logging your shotsThe duration of shots,
Cutting rhythm

MontageTransition Titling and graphics
Visual effects & animation

Chromo keying inserting techniquesHD editingAdjusting picture quality

Editing problems

Dr. Raja Balakrishnan

Rajah Balakrishna has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce (Economics, Cost Accounting & Auditing), Master in Arts (Mass communication & Journalism) Dip in Film technology, acting and has a PhD in cinema (awarded for the thesis ‘Audience reaction & realization in Cinema’ – researched in 48 countries), Feature Film Producer Diploma, Certified Cinema Director & Line Producer Emeritus from Hollywood Film Institute. USA.

Have written articles and books on subjects connected with travels, poetry and filmmaking. He has more then thirty years of experience in Film making and has made many documentaries on Health, public awareness, education & cultural. He has travelled to parts of India, Gulf, the whole of Egypt, Algeria, Paris, Iran, Spain (Andalusia) and many other European & western countries. To do research, filming and writing on the historical sites and importance of the connections these places had with the Islamic World and comparing 13th/14th century with the present.
Consultant for many Film Festivals and Film schools in India & abroad.
Technical Director, Emirates Film Competition. (Annual program at the Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi) Technical consultant for Abu Dhabi Film Festival.
Presently employed as The Films Producer with Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage, UAE.

Hon. Principal & freelance filmmaker at Rolwar Cinematic Institute, Bangalore, India
Teaching the art of filmmaking, a 60hrs course conducted by Cultural Foundation annually.
Teaching Media trainee students of different Universities in the UAE.
Delivered a lecture on filmmaking at American University in Sharjah.
Conducted three months courses for ADNOC photography club (basic & advance courses),
Conducted short courses at Women Union & Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi.
2-day workshops Conducted at Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi
Garden City College (2004 & 2005) & Christ College, Bangalore, India
Kerala State Chalachithra Academy & Kinfra Film and Video Park, Trivandrum, India
Conducted workshops and courses at Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage & Higher College of Technology. Abu Dhabi.
More than 700 participants have benefited through the courses.
Also Conducted workshop on the Art of Pyrography: Decorative Wood Burning & Clay modeling.

Cinema and television production, scripting/screenplay/direction, photography (still and motion) editing, (Liner and non-liner), sound recording (analogue & digital) animation & research work, Journalism & writing, Audio Visuals & print media and mass communications.

FILMOGRAPHY: During 1975 – 2010

Direction in India ,abroad & UAE
One feature film, Four TV serial, 30 documentaries and 43 public awareness short films on different subjects. 25 Cinema & television commercials & 15 corporate films.

Acting in India
Four feature films in Cinema & 6 television serials
38 programs both in Cinema & video

Editing in India ,abroad & UAE
About 92 different subjects on Video

Writing – Script in India ,abroad & UAE
More than 42 films on different subjects.

Audio Books –recorded (UAE)
65 on different subjects

Received the best director award for the film made on human eye from National Ophthalmology Council of India and the Lions International. He is a recipient of Karnataka Udyog Award for creating best public awareness films for the Government of Karnataka - India.
Best Traffic Film from Traffic Police dept. Bangalore, India
Health Programme Film – Lions International Award.
Best Medical Docu-Drama Film – Ophthalmology Council of India.
Best Traffic Film from Traffic Police dept. Hofuf – Saudi Arabia.
First to create & edit a magazine Karnataka Markets, Bangalore India (1980)

Acting sessions

Some moments from our acting workshop:



Some practical exsercises..